Downdraught Bench

Captures Dust and Fumes

Quietly. With no heat loss.




Clean Air

Clean Air

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Modular dust extraction system

Captures dust over wide areas



Clean Air

Clean Air

Dust extraction solution

AirBench solves dust and fume extraction issues quickly and quietly.

Green Technology

AirBench complies with the latest ERP efficiency requirements for fan systems.

Recirculating system

AirBench recirculates clean air to the room – no external exhaust means no heat loss.

What is an AirBench?

Fume and Dust Extraction System

AirBench is a workbench with built-in fume and dust extraction.

Robust Workbench

A downdraught bench that takes dust and fumes away from your workspace by drawing them down through the work surface into the internal filters.

Plug and Go

An AirBench is a self-contained plug-and-go solution, and can be operational within 15 minutes of being delivered to you.

We demonstrate the AirBench on site across the UK, allowing you to purchase with confidence. Contact us to book a demonstration of our dust extraction solutions.

AirBench Models

Choose an AirBench model by Application

Made in the UK

All our products are manufactured in the UK, in our factory in the East of England

Environmentally Friendly

Fully compliant, low energy products


AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches.

We have nearly 10,000 units in service in the UK and overseas.

We are a small company and all our manufacturing takes place in the UK.

We regularly export to Europe and Worldwide.

  • Simple and effective

    AirBench requires minimal operator intervention. The user does their job and AirBench solves their dust problem.

  • Quiet.

    Noise levels of 63 dBA on average across the range mean that AirBench does not introduce a requirement for hearing protection.

  • Quick installation

    Most units just require unwrapping and setting into position; some require a small amount of additional assembly.