Solutions for Composite Dust Extraction

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AirBench for Composite Dust Extraction

Industry Issues

Dust control in the composites industry tends, for us, to fall into two categories. GRP and similar bulk manufacture produces large volumes of dust, while CFRP work tends to be more precise and produces only trimming/finishing dusts

In either case, operators are more effective where PPE is less intrusive. In almost every case, AirBench can reduce or remove the requirement for PPE.

  • For CFRP, we recommend our FN type with our two-stage ‘F’ type filters; these provide a very high level of protection against fine carbon fibre dusts, while retaining low overall filter costs. Also consider our FPK type for seated work.
  • For GRP, we recommend either our FN type with single stage ‘A’ type filters.
  • For larger parts, consider either VertEx or VertEx Booth, with our ‘F’ type filters, to provide large fully extracted areas.

Why AirBench for the Composites Industry?

  • Health Risks

    Both GRP and CFRP dusts are harmful and can be produced at respirable particle sizes.

  • Protecting People

    In highly manual operations such as the finishing of composite parts it is essential to protect the workforce from dust inhalation, to improve employee welfare and in reduce sickness.

  • Downdraught extraction works

    For small to medium composite parts, AirBench is an ideal solution; the operator is protected while not having to adjust extraction equipment regularly, and the PPE requirement can potentially be reduced.

  • VertEx for larger parts

    For larger parts, for example aerospace components, VertEx provides a quick and effective solution, enabling the construction of large booth environments with minimal installation.

  • Industry Experience

    We can provide references from a range of happy customers in the composites industry. We supply to every UK based F1 team.


  • HSE

    The UK Health and Safety Executive

Downdraught Benches for Dust and Fume Extraction

VertEx Cross Draught Systems for Larger Parts