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Coolant and Oil Mist Extraction Systems

Coolant mist, oil mist, and oil smoke from machining are hazardous and can be potentially carcinogenic. Multi-stage filtration is required to remove progressively finer mists and swarf; with heavy duty final filtration for oil mist and smoke applications. Final stage HEPA filtration ensures almost 100% removal of contaminants.

Why is a Mist Extraction System Important?

Coolant and oil mist inhalation from machine operations can put the operator’s health at risk; and anyone else in the vicinity. Metalworking fluids can be carcinogenic. This makes it necessary to protect the workforce from these dangerous substances.

When machining parts, coolant forms a mist within the machine tool which should be captured and filtered before the machine door is opened to prevent operator exposure.

We offer a range of mist filter units with capacities ranging from 500 to 4000m3/hr, allowing us to capture mist from even the largest machine tools.

After machining, parts are removed from the machine tool; swarf and coolant must then be removed from the part prior to further processing. AirBench BD blowdown bench is a cleaning cabinet for the containment and filtration of swarf and mist from machined parts. BD is designed as a complementary unit to be colocated with each machine tool.

Finally finished parts may require polishing and sanding; these are typical AirBench dust extraction applications.

  • For coolant mist within machine tools, consider our OMF range.
  • For mist and swarf removal from machined parts, consider our BD units.
  • For sanding and finishing, consider our FN or FPK ranges, with ‘A’ type filters for aluminium parts or ‘C’ type filters for steel.

In Operation

OMF in operation for coolant mist extraction.

OMF1000 Extracts Mist from DMG Mori NTX2000

OMF Range of Coolant Mist Filters

The following models are designed for higher volumes of coolant emulsion mists and can be supplied for most machine tools. Click on a model for more information.

Blowdown benches for coolant and swarf removal

Our BD model is designed for manual removal of coolant and swarf after machining.


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