Dust Extraction Systems

AirBench Dust Extractor

Our dust extraction systems are designed to capture dust and contaminants at source. Integral filters allow air to be recirculated back to the workroom, meaning no installation is required and systems remain flexible. AirBench dust extraction systems allow you to comply with your obligations under COSHH, quickly and simply.

Why are Dust Extraction Systems Important?

Dust extraction systems are an essential part of your COSHH compliance. Finding an effective, demonstrable dust extraction system can be difficult but remains important because it can:

  • Protect Your People

    • Dust can cause health problems when inhaled. Dust inhalation could lead to a range of illnesses from occupational asthma through to various cancers, respiratory issues and heart-related diseases.
    • Dust can also be combustible. As a potential fire hazard, it could cause injury to your personnel.
  • Protect Your Products

    • Many finishing processes are affected by atmospheric dust. Maintaining a clean atmosphere is essential to good spraying, coating, etc.
    • Packaging in a dusty atmosphere means process dust is being shipped to your customers.
  • Help You Save Money

    • A healthy workforce is always a more productive workforce; less sick days mean a more effective business.
    • More importantly, the cost of failing to make a proper assessment under COSHH, and take steps to address issues, can be the most expensive mistake your business ever makes.


Dust extractors provide many benefits, including:

  • A clean environment reduces the risk of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases caused by dusts.
  • A clean environment promotes a more productive workplace.
  • Product quality is improved

In Operation

AirBench for Dust Extraction

VertEx Booth for Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction Downdraught Benches

The following models are all available with our full range of dust extraction filters.

Dust Extraction Cross-Draught Systems

The following models are all available with our full range of dust extraction filters.

Filtration Options

We offer the following filtration options for our range of dust extraction systems.


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