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Carisma Auto Design is a leading vehicle customiser based in Colchester, Essex. When Production Manager Greg Larkins identified an issue with dust being produced during the manufacture of custom wooden panels for the internal parts of their high spec MPVs, he was surprised to discover one of the UK’s leading dust extraction companies within a stones throw. As a manufacturer of very high specification vehicles, with discerning clientele from across the world, Carisma need to ensure they project the right professional image for potential customers, and it’s essential that all their equipment can be seen to be the right kit for the job.
Carisma Auto Design use AirBench for dust extraction
AirBench Ltd, located on the same industrial estate in Colchester, visited Carisma and viewed the process in operation. The AirBench FN range was identified as an appropriate solution, and Carisma purchased 4 units - which were complete and delivered within a week. Carisma now have a cleaner, safer working environment, and AirBench have gained a new customer who not only produces some fantastic machines, but is also as local as a customer can be.
Carisma are a creative and ground-breaking company, converting high value vehicles into unique and personal designs for specialized business applications, government officials, professional sports players and entertainment personalities around the world.
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AirBench Accessories

AirBench are pleased to announce the release of a new range of accessories, designed to complement our existing downdraught bench range.

The new accessories include:

- control options, including the ability to install a walk-up pressure sensitive mat (turn your AirBench on when you walk up to it), and the ability to connect the bench into an external system (turn your AirBench on when a separate power tool is operated).

- racking options, including rear mounted bin racks, lighting, and shelving.

We've combined these with our existing range of enclosures and controls to provide a full accessory selection leaflet, which is available from the downloads page.

Contact us for more information or visit

AirBench are excited to announce the release of a major upgrade to our VertEx modular cross-draught extraction system.

VertEx is a self-contained extraction and filtration system that draws dust and fumes in through its ventilated front face, capturing them within internal panel filters, and returning clean air to the room. Multiple VertExes can be used to create large extracted booths, or single units can be used directly behind an operator to allow at-source extraction from dusty processes.

The 2014 model VertEx features a fully modular construction, allowing for rapid delivery of a unit built to each customer’s specification. The modular approach extends to combining multiple units – creating dust control booths of any size is now possible with minimal assembly time, and standardised rapid-fit enclosure options further increase flexibility.

The range has also been expanded to include additional sizes to cater for a wider range of applications.

Each unit is now supplied with an integrated EC fan, the most energy-efficient fan type currently available, meaning that even large installations can generally be run using existing single phase supplies.

Examples of current VertEx installations include dispensing of food products, weighing operations in bakeries, sanding and finishing of repaired aircraft parts, dusty packing operations, and large scale GRP fabrication.

Visit for more information.

AirBench are excited to announce the release of AirBench RP. This new model is the most advanced downdraught bench to date, and brings self-cleaning filter technology to the AirBench range.


AirBench RP features high capacity, long life cartridge filters. These enable the capture of much larger dust volumes than a standard AirBench. The filters are cleaned by an integrated air pulse cleaning system, which knocks excess dust from the filters into plastic bins for easy disposal. The filters are available in standard or anti-static coating.



In addition, RP uses EC fan technology, enabling the whole unit to be run from a standard 240v single phase supply. Control is intuitive with only two buttons required for the operator to control start, stop, and filter clean; and the integral intelligent relay means that AirBench RP can easily be configured to control (or be controlled by) external systems.


AirBench RP is initially available in one size only at 1270 x 1300 x 900; other sizes will be released shortly.


We will be displaying AirBench RP at the MACH exhibition at the NEC, alongside the new model VertEx and some of our existing product range - visit us on stand 4558 in zone G.


For more information, visit, or visit the downloads page for a leaflet.

AirBench are pleased to announce the introduction of EC fan technology. EC fans are the most energy efficient fan currently available and are now supplied as standard in certain models of AirBench (including our popular FPW and FPT ranges for welding and grinding).

For more information, visit or contact us.

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