Fume in Low Volumes

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Our 'E' range uses two-stage filters for the extraction and filtration of solvents and gases.

The first stage low-cost prefilters collect dust and contaminants and protect the main carbon filters. The carbon panel filters use carbon grade 208EA as standard, which is designed for general capture of fumes.

See also:

  Carbon effectiveness guide - Showing the effectiveness of standard carbon filters on a range of substances

  Fume in High Volumes - Filter Type 'J' - For applications producing higher volumes of fume

  Smoke and Fumes - Filter Type 'S' - For applications such as soldering where smoke is also produced.

Sample applications include:

  • solvents
  • conformal coatings
  • adhesives
  • air brushing
  • light spray painting

The following models are available with our category 'E' filters:







EX TYPES - Standard Duty

EX066584E 660 650 840
EX126584E 1260 650 840
EX186584E 1860 650 840
EX129584E 1260 950 840
EX189584E 1860 950 840

FP TYPES - Heavy Duty

FP066784E 670 660 840
FP126784E 1270 660 840
FP186784E 1870 660 840
FP129784E 1270 960 840
FP189784E 1870 960 840

FN TYPES - Heavy Duty with Front Filter Access

FN066784E 670 675 840
FN126784E 1270 675 840
FN186784E 1870 675 840
FN129784E 1270 975 840
FN189784E 1870 975 840

FPK TYPES - Heavy Duty with Kneespace

FPK069084E 670 960 840
FPK129084E 1270 960 840
FPK189084E 1870 960 840

VA Types - Cross-Draught Extraction

VertEx cross-draught extraction unit
VA1308E 1370 700 865
VA1316E 1370 700 1610
VA1908E 1910 700 865


... or just contact us for advice on selecting the right AirBench for your application.

In Operation - Fume Extraction

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This video shows AirBench in use with a simulated solder pot application - the video initially shows the operation without AirBench, then shows the same operation with AirBench switched on. Note the instant capture of fume before it has a chance to rise into an operators breathing zone.

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