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Our 'D' range uses three-stage filters for the capture of weld fume while protecting the filter system from sparks.

The first stage filters collect large particles and most sparks.

The second stage low cost disposable filters capture finer sparks and prevent them reaching the main filters.

The final stage F9 grade particulate filters capture the fine particulate found in weld fume.


This range uses a special construction type designed to prevent sparks from reaching the fine main filter through the use of multiple direction changes and drop-out areas.

This range is designed for applications producing heavy sparks. See also:

  Dust with Some Sparks - Filter Type 'C' - For light ferrous sanding and similar applications with some sparks

  Grinding and Similar - Filter Type 'K' - For grinding dust extraction

Sample applications include:

  • welding
  • brazing

The following models are available with our category 'D' filters:







FPW and FPT Types

FPW209084D 1950 960 840


(As FPW but with kneespace)

1950 960 840


... or just contact us for advice on selecting the right AirBench for your application.


In Operation - Welding Fume Extraction

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This video shows AirBench in use for a welding operation - the video initially shows the operation without AirBench, then shows the same operation with AirBench switched on. Note the fumes passing directly through the workers breathing zone without extraction, and the ability to work very close to the workpiece without exposure when AirBench is switched on.

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Energy Efficient EC Fan Technology

These models use energy efficient EC motor technology. EC motors are the most advanced electric motor currently available and can in some circumstances provide huge effiency gains over standard AC motor technology while reducing failure rates due to their inbuilt failure mode detection software.

Click here for more information on EC fan technology.

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All our products are made here in the UK, in our factory in the East of England.

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