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AirBench for welding fume extraction

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The dangers to operators from weld fume are well understood. Operators are potentially exposed to welding fumes all day, every day, potentially leading to chronic illnesses. Grinding dust can also be potentially hazardous, from low level risks such as metal fume fever, through to serious illnesses caused by respirable dusts.

For welding, our FPW type offers a simple, effective solution, without the inherent drawbacks of extraction arms. Arms provide effective extraction over an area the size of a football; an AirBench provides effective extraction over an area the size of a coffee table. On tool extraction is cumbersome and clumsy. With AirBench, operators do not have to adjust their extraction system every time they move, and are protected, effectively, all day.

For grinding, the same unit can be configured with suitable filters for dusts, again providing a no-fuss solution leaving operators free to concentrate on their work.

We also offer filters suitable for light steel work in our FN and FPK types; contact us for an on-site assessment of your application for suitability.

  • For welding and grinding, consider our FPW or FPT ranges.
  • For lighter sanding of steel parts, consider our FN or FPK ranges with our ‘C’ type filters.
  • For sanding of aluminium parts, consider our FN or FPK ranges with our ‘A’ type filters.

Why AirBench for the Fabrication Industry?

  • Health Risks

    The health risks from metalworking are well documented.

  • Protecting People

    A busy fabrication shop needs staff working effectively and in good health.

  • Downdraught extraction works

    Downdraught extraction using an AirBench is measurably more effective than on-tool or arm extraction.

  • Happy Customers

    We can provide references from a range of happy customers in the fabrication industry, with over 2500 units in operation in this industry in the UK.


  • HSE

    The UK Health and Safety Executive

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