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We offer end-to-end solutions for the machining industry.

When machining parts, coolant forms a mist within the machine tool. Coolant mist is a known hazard to human health and an effective solution to the capture of this mist is essential.

Our OMF range includes coolant mist filters ranging in capacity from 500 up to 2500m3/hr allowing us to provide a solution to most coolant mist issues.

As parts are removing from machine tools, they bring with them loose swarf and coolant. Operators must remove this contamination before parts are moved on for additional processing. Our BD blowdown bench is designed to be installed with machine tools and provides a self-contained, air-powered enclosure for the capture of this coolant and swarf.

Final processing of machined parts often includes sanding and polishing. AirBench FN, with appropriate filters, captures dust from finishing operations.

  • For coolant mist within machine tools, consider our OMF range.
  • For mist and swarf removal from machined parts, consider our BD units.
  • For sanding and finishing, consider our FN or FPK ranges, with ‘A’ type filters for aluminium parts or ‘C’ type filters for steel.

Why AirBench Solutions for the Machining Industry?

  • Health Risks

    Coolant mist and dust from finishing operations present a real risk to operators health.

  • Protecting People

    In highly manual operations such as the finishing of machined parts it is essential to protect the workforce from dust inhalation, to improve employee welfare and in reduce sickness. Proper control of coolant mist is required both for the prevention of lung disease and the maintenance of a safe workplace.

  • Downdraught extraction works

    For small to medium machined parts, AirBench is an ideal solution; the operator is protected while not having to adjust extraction equipment regularly, and the PPE requirement can potentially be reduced.

  • OMF and BD for coolant control

    The OMF range offers various options for the control of coolant mist from machine tools. BD provides a self-contained solution for the cleaning of machined parts.

  • Industry Experience

    AirBench is in use across the machining and precision engineering industry. OMF is one of the most popular coolant mist solutions in the UK and much of Europe.


  • HSE

    The UK Health and Safety Executive

  • HSE Leaflet MW1

    HSE Leaflet MW1 provides information on the risks associated with Metal Working Fluids (MWF).

Coolant Mist Filters

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