Heavy Duty Downdraught Bench

The heavy duty AirBench FP range comprises 5 downdraught benches designed for higher surface loadings but also ideal for applications requiring customisation or additional fittings, for example customer-specific mounting attachments. FP models can be supplied with a wide range of alternative filter configurations to suit different fume and dust extraction applications.


  • Heavy Duty 2mm steel
  • Fully welded and powder coated
  • 3mm steel surface, perforated and powder coated
  • Screw clamped filters

Available Filters

  • ‘A’ – Non sparking dusts
  • ‘H’ – Fine dusts
  • ‘F’ – Fine dusts / higher volumes
  • ‘B’ – Very fine dusts
  • ‘L’ – HEPA filtered
  • ‘E’ – Low volume fume
  • ‘J’ – High volume fume
  • ‘R’ – Special duty fume
  • ‘C’ – Light sparks