OMF2500 Coolant Mist Filter

OMF2500 is a high-capacity mist filter and air cleaning system, designed for attachment to larger machine tools, or to multiple units.

OMF2500 draws a nominal airflow of 2500m3/h and can support machine tools with open door areas of 4 m2.

We can specify, supply, and install OMF filter units, including wiring to your machine tool for ease of operation.


  • Compact, stand-alone unit – 610mmx610mm footprint
  • Easy access for filter changes
  • 2500m3/h nominal airflow
  • Designed for machine tools with open areas up to 4m2.
  • 415 or 230v 3 phase supply
  • 250mm clipped duct outlet
  • Independent power supply or wired to your machine tool

How does the OMF Coolant Mist Filter work?


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