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AirBench for Prototyping Dust Extraction

Industry Issues

Fine finishing of prototypes generally involves manual sanding with very fine papers. This produces very fine dusts, intensified by the operator tendency to work close to their workpiece.

While dust volumes are low, dust must still be controlled, and intrusive solutions such as overhead hoods can ruin precision work.

We offer seated downdraught benches for modelling and prototyping dust extraction allowing operators to work close to the product, with low, controlled airflow when required to minimise distraction.

  • For prototyping, consider our FPK types with very fine ‘B’ type filters, allowing precision work while seated.

Why AirBench for the Prototyping Industry?

  • Health Risks

    The risks from SLA and similar dusts are not yet fully quantified.

  • Protecting People

    Talented, trained model makers are the most valuable asset to this industry.

  • Downdraught extraction works

    For small parts, AirBench is the ideal solution; no interference with the operator, no intrusive airflow, and no impedance to concentration.

  • Industry Experience

    We can provide references from a range of happy customers in the prototyping industry with repeat customers stretching back 20 years.


  • HSE

    The UK Health and Safety Executive

Downdraught Benches for Rapid Prototyping and Modelling Dust Extraction

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