Welding and Grinding Extraction Systems

AirBench Welding and Grinding Extraction System

Welding and grinding produce hazardous dust and fumes, but also produce hot material in the form of sparks. Adequate filtration must also be supported by effective spark protection systems to avoid damage to the final filter.

Why is a Dust and Fume Extraction System Important?

Exposure to welding fume and grinding dust can cause a range of health issues, ranging from metal fume fever through to more serious respiratory conditions.

  • Protect Your People

    • Weld fume can be hazardous – not only to operators but to visitors and other employees.
    • Traditional extraction methods, such as arms, do not collect fume from a wide area – this is why we see the cloud of fume present in most welding shops at or above head height.
  • Protect Your Products

    • Build-up of dust and welding debris in a workshop doesn’t just lead to an unsafe environment – it can contaminate stock and lead to rework.
  • Help You Save Money

    • Self-contained extraction systems don’t just save money by avoiding the need for make-up air.
    • They also allow operators to work more effectively by removing the need to adjust extraction.

In Operation

AirBench for Weld Fume Extraction

Welding and Grinding Extraction Downdraught Benches

The following models are all available with our full range of welding and grinding extraction filters.

Sanding and Fettling Extraction Benches

The following models are all available with our lighter duty sanding and fettling filters; for applications producing some sparks.

Weld Fume Extraction Cross-Draught Systems

Our VertEx models can be fitted with filters suitable for weld fume or grinding dust if appropriate.

Filtration Options

We offer the following filtration options for our range of welding and grinding extraction systems.


  • HSE

    The UK Health and Safety Executive

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