3 Key Features of an AirBench System’s Technology Explained

Posted on October 20th, 2016 | Categories Blogs

AirBench makes sure that fume and dust extraction systems are complete with the best available technology. Our workbenches can solve your dust extraction issues quietly; with ERP efficient fan systems that can circulate clean air around the working environment.

Having invested an enormous amount of research into our products, we apply the most suitable and practical technology to our fume and dust extraction systems.

The advantages that are afforded by an AirBench System include:


Our systems are designed to filter and recirculate air. By intricately absorbing all the unwanted dusts and particles; the machine’s unique electrostatic air cleaner, charcoal filter, ozone gas, generator and negative ion generator work together as one to physically and chemically remove any impurities in the area.

Furthermore, this ‘purified’ air is able to penetrate through fabric, carpets, rugs and other spaces to kill odour causing bacteria and to sanitise the materials.

Filter Selection

With dust collectors that are able to gather more dust, pulse much better and last for longer, the AirBench system incorporates a wide range of filters suitable for every industrial application; so there is no need to worry about additional costs.

An AirBench dust extractor is able to capture more pollutants in the air, resulting in a safer and cleaner working environment.

High Volume

Complete with a range of high volume, lower power fans which are extremely beneficial for energy efficiency, our extraction fans use less watts – even with extended and heavy use.

They are very effective at taking the heat away from the AirBench, precluding any chance of fire or overheating machinery.

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