8 Filter Categories Used by Airbench Dust Filter Systems – AirBench

Posted on December 14th, 2016 | Categories Blogs

Filters are very important as they help separate dust particulates from dusty gases produced in different industries. AirBench uses these filters as part of our efficient dust filter systems, particularly in our VertEx model – the modular cross-draught extraction system.


Filter Category A – Non-Sparking Dusts

Commonly used for aluminium, wood, GRP, stone, denibbing and atmospheric dusts, the filter includes the EU4/100 pleated panel standard – with a filter efficiency to 10 microns of 98-99% and to 1 micron of 90-95%.

Filter Category H – Fine Dust

This filter category particularly applies to industrial areas that emit toner and carbon fibre. With a filter of EU8, it is specified for the extraction of fine, non-sparking dusts that are under 5 microns.

Filter Category F – Fine Dusts/Two Stage Filtration

One of the newest filter categories, filter category F is specified for finer dusts where two-stage filtration is required. Its filters include EU4/50 Pleated Panel and F7 High Efficiency Panel – ideal for circulation and as end filters in pro-average uses such as shops, offices and other production areas.

Filter Category B – Very Fine Dusts

Filter category B is applicable for fingerprinting, conservation, rapid prototyping and model making. Its F9 High Efficiency Panel makes it suitable for higher applications such as in laboratories and telecommunication centres.

Filter Category L – HEPA Filtered

This category is specified for applications where HEPA filtration is mandatory (e.g. in optical, pharmaceutical and cleanrooms). Under this category, the EU4/50 Pleated Panel typically serves as a pre-filter for finer dust, while H12 HEPA usually works as the final filter for hazardous dust.

Filter Category E – Low Volume Fume

Including filters EU4/50 Pleated Panel and Carbon Panel, filter category E is applicable for solvents, adhesives, gases, conformal coatings, airbrushing, spray painting and low volumes. Its carbon panel filters low volumes of fume, aerosols and gluing agents, among others.

Filter Category S – Smoke and Fume

Category S filters are commonly used for smoke or particulate with fumes or gases. Using a pre-filter, a light duty carbon filter and a fine particulate filter, its common applications include soldering, conservation and brazing.

Filter Category C – Light Sparks

Applicable for ferrous applications producing light sparks, using a two-stage spark filter and flame retardant main filter, this category includes the Labyrinth Baffle, Disposable Media Pad and F5/50 Flame Retardant – suitable for hot processes.

You should keep these categories in mind to ensure that the proper filter is used at all times. Being the number one manufacturer of dust extraction solutions in the UK, AirBench is sure to have the perfect dust extraction application to suit your purpose. Please call 01206 791191 for more details.