AirBench in Operation for High End Vehicle Customisation

Posted on April 1st, 2014 | Categories News

Carisma Auto Design is a leading vehicle customiser based in Colchester, Essex. When Production Manager Greg Larkins identified an issue with dust being produced during the manufacture of custom wooden panels for the internal parts of their high spec MPVs, he was surprised to discover one of the UK’s leading dust extraction companies within a stones throw. As a manufacturer of very high specification vehicles, with discerning clientele from across the world, Carisma need to ensure they project the right professional image for potential customers, and it’s essential that all their equipment can be seen to be the right kit for the job.

AirBench Ltd, located on the same industrial estate in Colchester, visited Carisma and viewed the process in operation. The AirBench FN range was identified as an appropriate solution, and Carisma purchased 4 units – which were complete and delivered within a week. Carisma now have a cleaner, safer working environment, and AirBench have gained a new customer who not only produces some fantastic machines, but is also as local as a customer can be.

Carisma are a creative and ground-breaking company, converting high value vehicles into unique and personal designs for specialized business applications, government officials, professional sports players and entertainment personalities around the world.

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