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AirBench Solves Rotor Blade Dust Issue

Posted on October 26th, 2009 | Categories Case Studies

WorkPoint have supplied four custom-built AirBenches to a major UK manufacturer of rotary wing aircraft.

These AirBenches will be used for repair and finishing work on carbon fibre rotor blades; this precision application requires close working and places high demands on the engineer – meaning the extraction system must be of an equally high specification.

The four units, painted to match the customer’s corporate colour scheme, were fitted with specially manufactured vertical discharge chimneys. The special discharge arrangement provides the dual benefit of diverting exhausted air upwards and also recirculating warm air from the upper areas of the workshop – reducing the requirement for heating during cold weather.

The chimneys were mounted to allow back-to-back working, maximising workshop space while the lack of external ductwork and simple power supply arrangement retain the flexibility to reorganise as workload changes.

The customer chose AirBench based on flexibility of the solution, short lead times, and WorkPoint’s ability to deliver standard units configured for 110v supply, meeting their demanding on-site health and safety requirements.

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