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British Lithium Creates Dust-Free Laboratory with AirBench

Posted on April 23rd, 2020 | Categories Case Studies

British Lithium, based in Roche, Cornwall is conducting research & development of a metallurgical process for production of battery quality lithium carbonate from its extensive resource of lithium mica granite in Cornwall. No battery grade lithium is currently produced in the whole of Europe, so this project is of great strategic interest to the UK as we move toward a future of electric vehicles and renewable power.

British Lithium’s metallurgical testwork includes the sawing, crushing and splitting of thousands of granite samples in their laboratory for further analysis. This can produce large amounts of silica dust. To keep the workplace safe and comfortable for their scientists, British Lithium installed an Airbench downdraft FN126784L with HEPA filters and side and rear enclosures. This self-contained machine has completely eliminated airborne stone dust, provided a safe and efficient workplace, and has been in full time use since being delivered to British Lithium’s laboratory in Roche.

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