Bums on Seats! Plymouth Bus Resolves Seating Dust Problem

Posted on September 14th, 2009 | Categories Case Studies

As any public transport operator knows, bus seats capture a huge amount of dust – from atmospheric dusts through mites to human skin – none of which maintenance teams should be breathing!

Having tried a wide range of solutions, Plymouth Bus have identified an effective method of controlling the clouds of dust released by fabric seating components during repair and reconditioning work. AirBench is a workbench with built-in dust extraction; dust generated when the seat fabric is disturbed is drawn down through the worksurface and captured within internal filters.

The basic model AirBench is the ideal size for a standard double seat and immediately reduces and removes dust clouds. Finally, repair workers can breathe easily – and the company feels that one less risk to their employees health is of benefit to all.

AirBench is also available with a wide range of alternative filter configurations, suitable for most types of dust and fume problem – visit www.airbench.com or call 01206 791191 for more information.