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How Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd Tackle Aluminium Dust using AirBench

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Pro Alloy Ltd are a highly professional bespoke manufacture of specialist alloy automotive and motorsport components. When visiting their premises in Haverhill it was clear that Pro Alloy pride themselves on the high quality, bespoke and specialist nature of the products they supply as well as the tools and machines they used in manufacturing including the AirBench.

‘Overall AirBench looked like the most well-made and professional bench.’ – Alex Osborn Managing Director.

An example of some of their most popular products are the top of the range intercoolers, water header tanks, radiators, oil coolers and fuel tanks all of which are made and distributed internationally to a wide variety of industries including but not limited to military, aviation, marine and commercial vehicle applications.

pro alloy sanding aluminium

It was obvious from the first moment that Pro Alloys are a company that a willing and capable to cater to individual bespoke customer needs or even product line batched product requirements. Alex Osborn, the Managing Director, who kindly showed us round made it clear that this company really listen to their customers needs, and work with them at each step of the process from design to production through to delivery.  


The previous set up of the Pro Alloy workshop meant that grinding, sanding and DA-ing of the aluminium parts was creating nuisance aluminium dust around the workshop as well as excess noise. To combat this MD Alex Osborn explained that a plan was put in place to segregate the workstation for the grinding sanding and DA-ing into separate rooms.

pro alloy airbench  pro alloy workshop

This meant that the noise from the application was contained to one area and that when working the operator would need hearing protection but the rest of the workshop employee could work in a safe and more comfortable environment.

This however left the issue of the Aluminium dust in the smaller room which meant Pro Alloy were looking for a suitable solution that would also not take up more room than their current workstation.


AirBench Ltd provided two FN126784 units for the safe extraction of Aluminium, Pro Alloy then situated the units in two separate rooms creating a clean room environment which allows the dust and noise from the application to be contained in one space away from the rest of the operators. This is also made easier by the re-circulatory design of the AirBench as no exhaust or ducted needing to be fitted to the outside meaning this self-contained unit could just be placed in the allocated room and used immediately.

pro alloy workshop

Pro Alloy have also added their own side panel accessory to the top of the bench to extend the surface, so it fits flush to the walls. Great Idea!

You will also see in both images the rubber matting provided by AirBench which protects both the surface and products from accidental damage on contact. Our units have powder coated perforated top anyway but adding a rubber matting when working with this standard of finishing is a perfect extra precaution.


The results of AirBench working with Pro Alloy was a smooth and efficient process to provide a high quality dust extraction system that not only fits in with the standard of machinery and product Pro Alloy produces and uses but also creates a safe and effective way to contain Aluminium dust, while also saving on space without any external ducting or workshop heat loss.

Pro Alloys were a pleasure to work for, and both Pro alloy and AirBench are delighted with the results.

“The products are exceptionally well made. The support from AirBench was excellent. Good company to work with professionally.” – Alex Osborn Managing Director

For more information contact AirBench Ltd – www.airbench.com

If you require specialist alloy automotive and motorsport components or similar, please do not hesitate to contact Pro Alloy.

Pro Alloy Motorsport Ltd – 01440 710266alexoates@proalloy.co.ukwww.proalloy.co.uk

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