Prodrive Composite Dusts

Major Composites Manufacturer Grows Paint Plant with AirBenches for Dust Extraction

A major UK composites manufacturer have extended their AirBench installation to support continued growth at their manufacturing plant.

The company design and manufacture advanced lightweight structural and non-structural composites for a wide range of applications across the automotive, motorsport, aerospace, marine, defence and other specialist sectors.

Prodrive Composite Dusts

They use AirBenches in their paint facility, where they clear lacquer the majority of what they make so they can deliver fully complete parts to their customers ready to fit. The paint plant processes circa 500 parts per work, is open 24 hours a day over 5 days and is about to move into a new facility which is over 3 times the size of the current operation. This significant investment in their paint facility including a new oversize paint booth, and will see the customer more than treble their painting capacity to further meet customers needs.


Prodrive Composite Dusts

They use AirBench FN models with filters for composite dusts; supplied complete with punched rubber mats to protect delicate components.

Take a look at AirBench FN for more information, or contact AirBench Ltd on / 01206 791191 for advice on your composite dust extraction problem.

Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts Prodrive Composite Dusts

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