Refined Alloys Selects AirBench for New Wheel Refurbishment Business

Refined Alloys is a brand-new company open from February of 2020, that prides itself on its refurbishment, repair, and re-manufacture of alloy wheels to industry standard achieving OEM quality.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the company had to close its doors on 23rd of March with many other companies in the automotive industry having to do the same.

The re-opening on the 4th of May has seen a flurry of work come in and the AirBench is really starting to show its worth.

The bench is an absolute Godsend; we can’t do without it Sophie Attarid – Operations

Refined Alloys opted for a FN189784A type unit, with single stage filtration perfect for rubber and aluminium dusts. The bench is used when dismantling wheels which are then taken to be prepped and cleaned and after wet or dry blasting, the bench is utilised once more to sand down any rough edges of Aluminium before lacquer/paint is applied or the wheel is diamond cut.

refined alloy

The AirBench is on all day every day, you can really notice the qualitySophie Attarid – Operations

The unit was also supplied with rubber matting which helps protect both the tyres and the AirBench surface from any minor scratches that would be detected in the level of finish desired by Refine Alloys.

During our visit it was clear Refined Alloys run a well organised, tidy, and clean operation, where the AirBench fits perfectly into their stages of preparation.

Customers often comment on the cleanliness of our workshop, I’m convinced its 90% down to the AirBench.Sophie Attarid – Operations

Overall AirBench experience:

Easiest company to deal with, Simon Cook’s a very nice guy who always kept to his word, from start to finish. The bench was ordered, payment was made, we were given a date, the bench arrived on the date given and we were called beforehand and given notice of when it would arrive.Sophie Attarid – Operations

For more information, visit – or call 01206 791191.

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