Catching Albanian Criminals – With AirBench

Posted on August 1st, 2008 | Categories Case Studies


Following a repeat order from an existing customer, WorkPoint are contributing to improved law and order in Albania (honestly).

As part of the Albanian government’s drive to reduce criminal activity prior to any bid to join the EU, the Albanian police force called in their UK colleagues for support in improving their detection rates.

One element of this programme has been a greatly improved forensic capability including dedicated vehicular investigation units; Essex Police recommended AirBench to improve the environment within the fingerprinting section of these investigation units.

AirBench is used to capture aluminium oxide dust generated during fingerprinting; High Efficiency filters are fitted as standard to capture the very fine particulate used in this process.

AirBench is the UK’s leading downdraught bench, and can be specified for virtually any dust or fume problem. It is fully self-contained, requiring no installation and running from a standard 13a socket. No obligation on-site demonstrations are available.

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