Common Problems Associated with LEV in Air Cleaning Systems

Posted on October 28th, 2016 | Categories Blogs

Local Exhaust Ventilation, more commonly referred to as LEV, is an engineering system that is designed to be a thorough air cleaning solution in the workplace – highly recommended by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive to ensure that workers are assured of the necessary precautionary measures against contaminant inhalation.

Here are some of the, often neglected issues associated with workplace LEVs:

Overexposure and inadequate existing controls

It may not seem like it but employees are often overexposed to hazardous substances – particularly dust and fumes from external sources and even from the LEV and dust extraction systems themselves.

Employers should continue to work closely with designers and suppliers to ensure that systems are created to be efficient and safe to use in the workplace –  with less maintenance and repair expenses.

Over optimism and complacency

Being over optimistic regarding the capabilities of an LEV can lead to further problems. Do not be too complacent; always consider every aspect of the performance and efficiency of an LEV in the workplace to reap maximum benefits.

Incorrect use of controls

Never allow untrained or inexperienced personnel to tamper with the controls – inappropriate use can result in damage to the controls, which can lead to LEV deterioration.


  • Employers should regularly conduct inspections in the workplace; they should also seek help from dust extraction solution companies when necessary. Suppliers should also provide LEVs that are functional and that will not cause serious issues over time. The suppliers and employers must be adamant in the operation of the LEV system to ensure safety at all times.
  • Employers must implement effective LEV control measures to make employees safer from hazardous substances that can cause illness. This can be done by providing guidelines on gas, dust and fume control – with an LEV and other preventive measures.
  • There is a standard hierarchal approach to using the controls which should always be observed.


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