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Continental Product Engineering cleans up meter boxes using AirBench

Posted on January 25th, 2020 | Categories Case Studies

Continental Product Engineering Ltd of Loddon, Norfolk manufacture around 5000 Domestic Gas Meter Boxes every month in GRP. As part of the manufacturing process, operators must trim moulded boxes and create apertures using hand tools.

It soon became apparent that during this part of the process, airborne GRP dust and styrene fumes were created, both of which are an irritant to operators and a health risk.

Continental purchased two AirBenches, configured to capture dust in internal filters, and designed for connection to ducting to exhaust styrene fumes.

Continental found that this solved the problem immediately. Operator adoption has been successful and feedback is positive from all users.

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Continental use AirBench FN126784A models, specially configured to discharge to rear via spigots for external exhaust of fume.