Hire It! Protects Employees from Hazardous Dusts

Posted on September 10th, 2009 | Categories Case Studies

Since introducing an AirBench downdraught bench, Hire It! (Kidderminster) believes their employees are now adequately protected from the hazards introduced when cleaning dust from off-hire Power Tools.

“We examined the risks to our employees health created by the clouds of dust that off-hire tools generate, and identified AirBench as the ideal solution.” stated John Davies of Hire It. “We believe that, as responsible employers, we have a duty to address these risks as soon as we have identified them – there’s no point waiting for HSE to tell us what’s wrong if we already know there’s a problem!”.

Off hire tools can contain dust from a huge range of sources, meaning it’s almost impossible to quantify the risks of inhalation. Dusts can include hardwoods, MDF, human skin, silicas – all known to be hazardous.

AirBench captures dust blown or brushed from tools, drawing them down through the bench surface and returning clean air to the room. For more info, visit www.airbench.com/toolhire.