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AirBench for Aerospace Dust Extraction

Industry Issues

The aerospace industry covers a huge range of disciplines, and AirBench is well represented across the industry. From gluing of seating components to fettling of wing spurs, through the manufacture of precision composite parts for next generation fighter aircraft; we offer a solution to most manual processes that generate fume or dust, and supply to almost every major UK aerospace manufacturer. From a technical perspective, the aerospace industry uses more aggressive solvents and harder wearing materials than almost any other, and specific filtration solutions are needed to fully protect operators. Our range covers 14 standard filter configurations allowing us to apply the most appropriate filtration to each application – contact us to discuss your application in detail.

  • For composite sanding and finishing, consider our FN range with our 2-stage ‘F’ type filters.
  • For glueing and solvent applications, consider our FP range with our high volume ‘J’ type carbon filters.
  • For large parts, consider our VertEx or VertEx Booth with ‘F’ type filters.
  1. HEALTH RISKS Aerospace applications use more aggressive adhesives, and harder materials, than most other applications. Some of these are correspondingly hard on operators, and must be effectively filtered.
  2. PROTECTING PEOPLE In highly manual operations such as the finishing of composite parts it is essential to protect the workforce from dust inhalation, to improve employee welfare and reduce sickness.
  3. DOWNDRAUGHT EXTRACTION WORKS For small to medium composite parts, AirBench is an ideal solution; the operator is protected while not having to adjust extraction equipment regularly, and the PPE requirement can potentially be reduced.
  4. VERTEX FOR LARGER PARTS For larger parts, for example wing components, VertEx provides a quick and effective solution, enabling the construction of large booth environments with minimal installation.
  5. INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE We can provide references from a range of happy customers in the aerospace industry. We supply to almost every major aero manufacturer in the UK and are a sponsor and equipment provider for the Bloodhound SSC team.


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