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In the hire business, dust control is well understood, at least for clients. However, protection of employees against dust from returned tools is another matter. A huge number of hire businesses receive tools back from clients and then use an airline to blow them clean – without knowing or identifying the dust contained within the unit. Often the process takes place outside, to avoid dust contaminating the workshop. This is all bad practice – in particular, for cases when the tool may be contaminated with silica or asbestos dusts. We recommend the use of AirBench FN with ‘F’ filters in most cases; for higher volume applications we recommend AirBench RP, the downdraught bench with self-cleaning filters. In both cases, a full enclosure allows operators to continue using an air supply (reduced pressure airline or canned air) and brushes to remove excess dust quickly and effectively, while protecting the operator.

  • For cleaning of off-hire tools, we recommend the use of our FN range; this can be supplied with two-stage ‘F’ type filters, or – for potentially hazardous dusts – our ‘L’ type HEPA filters.
  1. HEALTH RISKS We do not know what dusts are present in off-hire tools.
  2. PROTECTING PEOPLE People are the biggest asset of the busy hire shop; but often are not protected from dangerous dusts generated during cleaning operations.
  3. DOWNDRAUGHT EXTRACTION WORKS Downdraught extraction using an AirBench provides a simple, effective way of protecting your lungs (and others in your building).
  4. HAPPY CUSTOMERS We can provide references from a range of happy customers in the tool hire industry.
  5. HAE MEMBERS AirBench Ltd are supplier members of the Hire Association, and are involved in the dust extraction steering group.



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