6 Metal Fabrication Safety Tips

It is a legal duty of every business to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of every employee. In metal fabrication industries where challenging work conditions can result in chronic illnesses or accidents, safety precautions should be practiced at all times.

The following safety tips will help you to enjoy a hazard-free working environment:

6 metal fabrication safety tips infographic

Identify any risks beforehand

Risk assessments can help you to formulate an effective health and safety policy, while developing emergency plans and upholding a secure work environment. According to Health and Safety Executive, risk assessments can be completed through the following steps:

  • Determine the hazards
  • Identify who is most likely to get harmed and by what means
  • Weigh up the risks and establish safety measures
  • Document your findings
  • Examine your assessment and revise if required

Make sure that you consult with your workers regarding their insights and work experiences – this will better equip you to find the perfect solution to ensure a more secure working environment.

Provide proper training for your employees.

Training your employees in best practice policies and the proper use of your fabrication systems will educate them regarding the right handling and storage procedures for the machinery. It will also inform them of the injuries that are common to their working environment, making them more aware of the potential risks and hazards and helping them to perform their tasks more responsibly.

Ensure that guidelines and hazard signs are visible at all times.

Displaying all the necessary signs and information within your workplace can remind your employees of the proper procedures. It can also enforce extra caution in certain fabrication processes to prevent any accidental injuries.

Supply personal protective equipment.

Safeguard your workforce with CE marked protective equipment to prevent the risk of accidents, injuries or health issues. Employees must be guided on the correct use of the machinery and tutored on the ways to determine any equipment defects.

Common protective clothing for fabrication industries includes:

  • Safety glasses
  • Flame-resistant gloves
  • Ear plugs / ear muffs
  • Welding helmet
  • Oil-resistant shoes
  • Specialised garments

Install fume extraction systems.

More effective than on-tool or arm extraction, high-quality fume extraction systems – such as those from Airbench – can reduce the exposure of your employees to toxic substances; making the surrounding air safe to breathe. This cost-effective solution can also enhance the productivity of your business and avoid additional costs imposed by health compensation claims.

Airbench recommends:

  • FPW or FPT ranges – for welding and grinding
  • FN or FPK ranges with our ‘C’ type filters – for lighter sanding of steel parts
  • FN or FPK ranges with our ‘A’ type filters – for sanding of aluminium parts

Conduct regular inspections and maintenance.

To ensure that your workplace is safe 24/7, regular inspections and maintenance procedures must be carried out to repair or replace any faulty machinery and other equipment.

Metal fabrication procedures involve several safety concerns but by managing the risks within your work environment, you can prevent injuries and boost staff morale.

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