MF2000-2020 (3)

MF2000/3000 Air Cleaners

Compact Mobile Air Cleaning Systems

The MF range consists of simple air cleaners designed to capture dust and particulate from your workspace and return clean air to the room. Air is drawn in through the G4 grade prefilter; through a secondary F8 bag filter or H13 final filter dependent on model and exhausted from the rear via an adjustable grille.

MF2000 and MF3000 are mounted on castors and are designed to be located where needed in your workshop. MF3000 has a large capacity final HEPA filter and higher dust loading capacity.

These air cleaning units require only a single phase supply and come complete with filter condition indicator to show when filters require changing.


Media and Downloads

  • AirBench MF2000 2020
  • pdf
  • AirBench-MF3000-Manual
  • pdf
Pump Casing Finishing 1


Available Models

Model Width Depth Height Nominal Airflow m3/h Standard Filters
MF2000 650 650 1078 2000 EU4/50 H13 HEPA Panel
MF3000 650 650 1278 3000 EU4/50 H13 HEPA Cartridge

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