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OMF Coolant Mist Filters

Central Coolant Mist Systems

OMF coolant mist filters are stand-alone central filtration systems designed for extraction of mist from multiple machine tools.

Ranging in size from the small OMF500 to the OMF4000 which draws 4000m³/h, units can be specified for most mist filtration installations.

The OMF range has recently been updated to a new modular system, meaning filter stages can be specified for each application with ease. An optional metal mesh filter section allows for an additional protective filter to be fitted if required. Additional second stage filter modules can be retrofitted if applications change.

We are able to specify, supply, and install OMF filter units, including wiring to your machine tools for ease of operation.

  • Compact, stand-alone unit – maximum 700x700mm footprint
  • Easy access for filter changes
  • Airflows up to 4000m³/h
  • Designed for multiple machine tools
  • 415 or 230v 3 phase supply
  • Rigid, clipped, leak-proof ducting
  • Independent power supply or wired to your machine tool
  • Modular system


Media and Downloads

  • OMF 2022
  • pdf
  • AirBench OMF500 User Manual
  • pdf
  • AirBench OMF1000 Manual
  • pdf
  • AirBench OMF2500 Manual
  • pdf
  • AirBench OMF4000 Manual
  • pdf


Available Sizes

Model Width mm Depth mm Height mm Airflow m3/h Fan Power kw Power Supply
OMF500 508 508 865 500 0.25 415/230v 3ph
OMF1000 508 508 1702 1000 0.5 415/230v 3ph
OMF2500 608 608 2522 2500 1.7 415/230v 3ph
OMF4000 708 708 2522 4000 3.7 415/230v 3ph

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