Solutions for Fume Control

Airbench Fume Extractors

Based on local and international health and safety regulations, employers are responsible for the health, welfare and safety of their workforce. Failure to comply will result in poor employee relations and possible legal action. Fumes that are present in the air of any industrial, commercial and home production workshop may cause breathing difficulties when inhaled.

With over 100 years’ experience in the dust and fume extraction industry, we offer a wide range of fume extraction systems that are specially made to filter the air, making sure it is safe to breathe – these systems can also be customised in line with specific applications.

 Why is Fume Extraction Important?

A fume extraction system should always be included in an industrial environment or workshop where materials such as composites, woods and plastics are machined. Primarily installed for health reasons and in compliance with local and national regulations, fume extraction is important because it can:

    • Solvent fume exposure can lead to a range of respiratory illnesses; from asthma to more serious conditions.
    • Higher volumes of fumes can lead to a fire or explosion risk.
    • A self-contained fume extraction system will reduce employee exposure to hazardous substances at minimal cost; over their full life-cycle, many of our units will cost less than a cup of coffee every day.

 In Operation

AirBench for Solder Fume Extraction

DowndraughtFume Extraction Downdraught Benches

Cross DraughtFume Extraction Cross Draught Systems


What kind of Fume Extraction System should you use?

As an essential safety precaution, the perfect fume extraction system will depend on the application and the volume of fumes present within the work area.

E – Low Volume Fumes

With the capacity to filter a low volume of fumes, this category utilises a pre-filter and a light duty carbon filter and is usually employed to deal with fumes associated with solvents, adhesives, gases, conformal coatings, airbrushing and spray painting.


J – High Volume Fumes

These fume extraction systems can filter high volume areas using pre-filters and heavy duty carbon filters. Almost the same as Category ‘E’, these systems are best used in similar environments.

R – Special Duty Fumes

Using a pre-filter and a specially treated carbon filter, these models can handle difficult fumes such as formaldehyde, NO2 or nitrogen dioxide, SO2 or sulphur dioxide and other difficult fumes.


S – Smoke and Fumes

Suitable for applications that involve smoke, fumes and gas, these systems use pre-filters, light duty carbon filters and fine particulate filters and are suitable in areas that perform activities such as soldering, conservation and brazing.

Prioritising the safety of your workforce is a must! In compliance with health and safety guidelines, the appropriate fume extraction system is highly recommended. For specific fume extraction requirements and any other enquiries, please use our contact form.