Solutions for Fume Control

Airbench Fume Extractors

With over 100 years’ experience in the dust and fume extraction industry, we offer a wide range of fume extraction systems that are designed to filter solvents and gases from the air, returning clean air to the room and making sure it is safe to breathe.

We offer downdraught benches and cross-draught systems suitable for solvent fume; solder and smoke; or weld fume applications.

In addition to our wide range of models and sizes, all AirBench fume extraction systems can be customised to suit specific environments. Customisation options include alternative carbon filtration types; and a range of accessories designed to suit your processes.

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DowndraughtFume Extraction Downdraught Benches

WeldingDowndraught Benches for Welding

Cross DraughtFume Extraction Cross Draught Systems


What kind of Fume Extraction System should you use?

Our fume extraction systems can be specified with various filtration options depending on the type and volume of fume, and the processes which require fume extraction.

E – Low Volume Fumes

With the capacity to filter a low volume of fumes, this category utilises a pre-filter and a light duty carbon filter and is usually employed to deal with fumes associated with solvents, adhesives, gases, conformal coatings, airbrushing and spray painting.

Models: FN | FP | FPK | VA


J – High Volume Fumes

These fume extraction systems can filter high volumes of solvent fume using pre-filters and heavy duty carbon filters. Using the same carbon grade as our ‘E’ types, but with a much higher mass of carbon, these systems are capable of extracting and containing significant volumes of fume.

Models: FP | FPK


P – Welding Fume

Units fitted with our ‘P’ type weld fume filters are designed with final H13 HEPA filters to comply with current HSE guidance on filtration of welding fume.

Models: FPW

R – Special Duty Fumes

Using a pre-filter and a main filter containing a mixture of carbon, potassium permanganate, and activated alumina, these models can handle difficult fumes such as formaldehyde, NO2 or nitrogen dioxide, SO2 or sulphur dioxide and other difficult fumes.

Models: FP | FPK


S – Smoke and Fumes

Suitable for applications that involve smoke, fumes and gas, these systems use pre-filters, light duty carbon filters and fine particulate filters and are suitable for areas that perform activities such as soldering and brazing, as well as being suitable for applications such as conservation that generate both fine dust and gases.

Models: FN | FP | FPK | VA


Q – Welding Fume

Only available in our VertEx VP type, flame retardant ‘Q’ type filters consist of a 2-stage system; pulse cleaned high capacity pre-filters capture bulk fume, while H13 final filters ensure air returned to the factory is clean enough to meet HSE guidelines and HSG258.

Models: VP

 Why is Fume Extraction Important?

Under COSHH, an employer is obliged to assess levels of exposure and put in place appropriate, practical, and usable control measures to ensure exposure is below exposure limits.
Any industrial environment where solvents, gases, or fumes are produced or worked should consider the need for a fume extraction system.
A properly specified and installed fume extraction system can:

    • Fume exposure can lead to a range of respiratory illnesses; from asthma to more serious conditions.
    • High volumes of fume can lead to potential explosion risk.
    • A self-contained fume extraction system will reduce employee exposure to hazardous substances at minimal cost; over their full life-cycle, many of our units will cost less than a cup of coffee every day.
    • Since the introduction of Fee For Intervention by the UK HSE, the cost of failure to comply with COSHH regulations can be significantly higher than that of installing an effective fume extraction system

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