Stage Builder uses VertEx to create walk-in booth

Posted on April 26th, 2017 | Categories Case Studies

Setsquare Staging manufacture bespoke set and stage builds, furniture, retail window displays, conference and exhibition services, model making, lighting and automation, test & pre-build amongst others. With many of these products creating wood, fibreglass, or other dusts during manufacture, Setsquare had an ongoing dust issue; and as they were often working with large items, traditional dust extraction systems struggled to cope.

The company recognised the benefits that the Vertex system can offer when multiple units are installed complete with a full height booth that provides a negative pressure area ensuring that airborne dusts are drawn to the rear of the booth; with the air cleaned as it is passed through the filters. The clean, filtered air is then returned back into the main building without the loss of expensive heated air……

Setsquare now use 5 VertEx units in a booth they manufactured in-house; allowing them to work unhindered, in a dust-free environment.

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