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Stop Operators Blowing Coolant Into the Atmosphere

Posted on October 10th, 2019 | Categories News

The New BD1000 from AirBench helps control coolant problems.

AirBench BD is a self-contained blowdown station for the removal of coolant and swarf from machined parts. An operator can simply place parts in the cabinet, lower the screen, and use the integral blow gun to clean parts using factory compressed air. An integral venturi system assists with capture of coolant and the filter system in the base of the unit is easily replaced when full.

BD1000 Coolant Blowdown Cabinet

The new model 1000mm wide BD1000 joins the existing 500mm wide BD500 and is designed for longer components. Both models run solely from factory air supplies with no requirement for electrical connections – making them ideal for location next to machine tools for regular operator use.

Maintenance is minimal with only occasional filter pad changes required. Contact AirBench Ltd to arrange a trial or visit