The Importance of Proper Extraction in the Fabrication Industry

Posted on March 22nd, 2016 | Categories Blogs

By minimising the risk of airborne diseases and performance depression, proper extraction can enhance employee production while protecting them from acute health complications:

1.   Extraction Means Clean Air

Clean Air

Air pollution can have an extreme effect on all living things, including plants and ecosystems and human health. Hazardous for the heart, it can also desolate asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Furthermore, long exposure to polluted air shortens our life span. According to Environmental Protection UK, particle pollution is one of the most pervasive pollutants.

Extraction is important, promoting a healthy environment for your employees – especially when they are more exposed to dust and fumes. Clean air reduces the risk of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases caused by pollutants.

2.   Extraction Prevents Fire

Oxygen in the air, together with a flammable gas, creates a combustible atmosphere. Fine dust particles act as fuel, while the air entering the system provides the oxygen. With just a hint of static electricity a fire could be ignited. Moreover, if a source of ignition is introduced into a poorly ventilated environment, this could result in an explosion or fire.

A dust and fume extractor will eliminate these dangers. Also providing a cooler workplace, the heat from the machinery, equipment, dust and fumes will be eradicated.

3.   Extraction Saves Energy


Everything in the fabrication industry contributes to warmer temperatures – especially the machinery. Furthermore, the dust and fumes from working tools create heat too. Without a proper extractor, hot air amasses at the ceiling until the whole space becomes warmer.  Reducing heat by eliminating dust and fumes, an extractor will promote the efficiency of the factory’s air conditioning system, resulting in reduced electricity consumption.

3. Extraction Promotes a Healthy Workplace

Arc welding produces harmful toxins, such as dust and fumes, that when constantly inhaled may lead to severe medical problems. With similar symptoms as flu, metal fume fever is caused by exposure to zinc metal fumes and cadmium. Zinc metal fumes could cause recoverable sickness, while cadmium may cause more serious illnesses or even death. It can also trigger asthma attacks and may worsen lung infections, further resulting in cancer.

The use of a fume and dust extractor will help to ventilate work areas in fabrication facilities, omitting dust and fumes and thus taking care of the workforce.