TWI Captures Dust From Vibrating Sieves with AirBench

Posted on August 16th, 2010 | Categories Case Studies

TWI Ltd, the independent joining technologies research centre, has solved a persistent dust problem with the installation of a new AirBench FN.

The AirBench is being used to capture metallic dusts generated by two vibrating sieves.

“The build quality and sturdiness of the machine is outstanding and even with 2 vibrating sieves running at the same time there is no rattle. I particularly like the front loading filter design, it works very well and means that the bench top can be made more rugged as it does not have to be lifted.” said Phil McNutt of TWI.

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In addition to other AirBench installations across their site, for this application TWI use an AirBench FN186784H, with strengthened surfaces designed to remove any risk of vibration impacting machine performance.

FN186784H provides a robust powder coated 2mm steel body, with EU8 grade filters designed for finer dusts. Filter access is via the hinged front cover, allowing TWI to clean or change filters without removing their own equipment from the bench.