University of York keep their seed cleaning environment… clean!

Posted on September 14th, 2011 | Categories Case Studies

Cleaning seeds has become easier and safer for the University of York, thanks to a second AirBench installation.

The University of York, as part of their academic research programmes, clean plant seeds to prepare them for testing and processing. This process naturally produces dust clouds; the dust contains organic and non-organic materials so can be an irritant.

This process is now carried out on a number of AirBenches following a second installation; the University now have a significantly cleaner environment, and the use of AirBenches continues to grow in popularity in the academic sector – mainly due to the ease of use and quick installation.

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For this application the University of York use a mixture of AirBench FPK069084A and FP066784A models.

FN-A types provide a robust powder coated 2mm steel body, with EU4 grade main filters, designed for general dust use. Filter access is via the hinged front cover, allowing KPM to clean or change filters without removing their own equipment from the bench.

FPK-A types feature a similar construction and filtration standard, with the addition of a 300mm kneespace for comfortable seated working.