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Viridor Solves TV Recycling Dust Issue with AirBench

Posted on October 26th, 2010 | Categories Case Studies

Viridor, one of the UK’s leading recycling companies, has solved a hazardous dust issue with the installation of 3 new AirBenches from WorkPoint.

Viridor were using precision tools to cut apart old television screens, and identified an issue with generated dust clouding into the operator’s breathing zone. The dust produced can include phosphorous, lead, and cadmium, leading to a high risk of dangerous exposure.

AirBench was identified as a potential solution; after on-site demonstration and trials 3 AirBenches have been installed. The operators now cut each screen apart on dedicated AirBenches, providing a much cleaner and safer working environment.

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For this application Viridor use a series of AirBench FN186784B models.

FN186784B provides a robust powder coated 2mm steel body, with EU4 grade prefilters and fine F9 grade main filters, designed for very fine dusts. Filter access is via the hinged front cover, allowing Viridor to clean or change filters without removing their own equipment from the bench. Viridor have further installed these AirBenches within custom enclosures to integrate them into their own production line.