Composites dust, fume and mist extraction systems from AirBench Ltd


AirBench solutions for dust and fume extraction in the Composites industry. Effective dust extraction is an essential part of your COSHH compliance.

  • Protect Your People
  • Protect Your Products
  • Comply With COSHH

Composite Dust Extraction In Operation

AirBench captures composite dusts by drawing them down through the downdraught bench‘s work surface into the integral filters.

Dust is captured without operator intervention or adjustment.

AirBench considerations for the Composites Industry

Dust control in the composites industry falls into two broad categories.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic or Fibreglass) and similar bulk manufacture produces large volumes of dust, while carbon fibre work tends to be more precise and produces only trimming/finishing dusts In either case, operators are more effective where PPE is less intrusive. In almost every case, our AirBench dust extraction systems can reduce or remove the requirement for PPE.

  • For carbon fibre, we recommend our FN type heavy duty downdraught bench with our two-stage ‘F’ type filters; these provide a very high level of protection against fine carbon fibre dusts, while retaining low overall filter costs. Consider our FPK type for seated work.
  • For GRP, we recommend our FN type bench with single stage ‘A’ type filters.
  • For larger parts, consider either VertEx with or without a VB booth, with our ‘F’ type filters, to provide large fully extracted areas.

Why AirBench for the Composites Industry?

AirBench Solutions for Composites

The following AirBench ranges are designed for use in the Composites industry.

Finishing of Composite Parts 3

AirBench Downdraught Benches

Downdraught dust and fume extraction for manual processes

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VertEx Cross-Draught Systems

Our modular Cross-Draught system for fume and dust control.

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MF2000-2020 (2)

Air Cleaning Systems

A self-contained solution for additional air cleaning.

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AirBench in Operation in the Composites Industry

Finishing of Composite Parts
Finishing of Composite Parts
Finishing of Composite Parts
Finishing of Composite Parts

Why choose AirBench?

AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches and cross draught extraction systems.   We have more than 10,000 extraction systems in service in the UK and overseas.  Along with our range of coolant mist filters and air cleaning systems, we are actively helping businesses across many industries solve their workplace dust and fume issues.


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