AirBench extraction systems are ideal for the extraction of dust in stone masonry

Stone Masonry

AirBench solutions for dust and fume extraction in the Stone industry. Effective stone dust extraction is an essential part of your COSHH compliance.

  • Protect Your People
  • Protect Your Products
  • Comply With COSHH

Extraction Systems for Stone Dust

AirBench solves dust extraction problems in the stone industries.

AirBench offers dust extraction solutions designed specifically for the stone industry.

Stone cutting, polishing, and processing produces huge volumes of dust, which potentially contains silica – silica dust is particularly dangerous, potentially causing silicosis and lung cancer.

Our stone dust extraction solutions include:

Both dust control systems are designed with integral pulse-cleaning filter systems meaning cleaning filters is as simple as pushing a button.

We supply hundreds of independent stone masons across the UK and Ireland.

In addition, our Downdraught Bench – FN model with H13 HEPA final filtration provides a compact solution for light duty applications; and is in use in hundreds of quarry laboratories for product sampling.

Why Choose AirBench for the Stone Industry?

AirBench Solutions for Stone Masonry

The following AirBench dust extractor solutions are designed for the Stone industry.

AirBench extraction systems are ideal for the extraction of dust in stone masonry

AirBench Downdraught Benches

Downdraught dust and fume extraction for manual processes

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VertEx Cross-Draught Systems

Our modular Cross-Draught system for fume and dust control.

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MF2000-2020 (2)

Air Cleaning Systems

A self-contained solution for additional air cleaning.

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Installation Examples

Boden and Ward Stonemason
Boden and Ward Stonemason VP
Boden and Ward Stonemason VP
GRP sanding

Why choose AirBench?

AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches and cross draught extraction systems.   We have more than 10,000 extraction systems in service in the UK and overseas.  Along with our range of coolant mist filters and air cleaning systems, we are actively helping businesses across many industries solve their workplace dust and fume issues.


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