AirBench solutions for dust, fume, and mist extraction in the Machining industry. Effective dust, fume, and mist extraction is an essential part of your COSHH compliance.

  • Protect Your People
  • Protect Your Products
  • Comply With COSHH

Extraction Systems for Machining

AirBench solves dust and fume extraction problems in the machining industry.

AirBench manufactures the OMF range of coolant mist filters for central systems. OMF units can support multiple machine tools, solving your mist issues quickly and simply. H13 HEPA final filters mean the air recirculated back into your workspace is clean and safe.

In addition we supply the AOF range of machine-mount mist filters. AOF units are compact, also available with H13 final filtration, and can be configured for oil smoke extraction in addition to coolant mists.

AirBench BD is a self-contained blowdown station with integral airline, designed to capture coolant mist and swarf from machined parts.

Once your machined parts are complete, if you use manual finishing processes consider AirBench FN for the capture of dusts including aluminium, or a wet system from AirBench for dusts such as titanium.

Why Choose AirBench for the Machining Industry?

AirBench Solutions for Fabrication

The following AirBench solutions are designed for the Fabrication Industry

Coolant Mist Filters

Optimised for coolant mist within machine tools.

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AirBench Downdraught Benches

Downdraught dust and fume extraction for manual processes

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Installation Examples

Why choose AirBench

AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches and cross draught extraction systems.   We have more than 10,000 extraction systems in service in the UK and overseas.  Along with our range of coolant mist filters and air cleaning systems, we are actively helping businesses across many industries solve their workplace dust and fume issues.