AirBench downdraught benches are the optimum solution for solder fume extraction and use during PBC cutting in the electronic industry.


AirBench solutions for dust and fume extraction in the electronics industry. Effective dust, fume, and mist extraction is an essential part of your COSHH compliance.

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Extraction Systems for Electronics

AirBench solves dust and fume extraction problems in the electronics industry.

AirBench downdraught benches are the optimum solder fume extraction systems.

While extraction arms can be popular, capture zones are unpredictable. Downdraught benches provide a regular downward flow of air capturing all solder fumes and filtering them inside the bench, returning clean air to the room.

For PCB cutting during prototyping, a downdraught bench with HEPA filtration can be used to capture dusts.

Alternatively, AirBench can be configured with fume filters for applications of conformal coatings.

To clean air within the workshop, we supply MF series Air Cleaners, with HEPA filtration; removing uncaptured solder fume and ensuring a clean working environment.

Why Choose AirBench for the Electronics Industry?

AirBench Solutions for Electronics

The following AirBench extraction solutions are designed for the electronics Industry.

AirBench downdraught benches, VerTex cross draught booths,AOF and OMF mist filtration systems are ideal for the extraction of welding and grinding dust and fumes within the fabrication industry.

AirBench Downdraught Benches

Downdraught dust and fume extraction for manual processes.

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MF2000-2020 (2)

Air Cleaning Systems

A self-contained solution for additional air cleaning.

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Why choose AirBench?

AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches and cross draught extraction systems. We have more than 10,000 extraction systems in service in the UK and overseas. Along with our range of coolant mist filters and air cleaning systems, we are actively helping businesses across many industries solve their workplace dust and fume issues.


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