6 Common Industries where Specific AirBench Extraction Systems Should be Operated

With different classifications of dust and fumes in every industrial workplace, each requires a specific kind of dust extraction system.

AirBench Ltd specialises in manufacturing high quality dust extraction systems in the United Kingdom for specific industries. These extraction systems are suggested for the following industries:

Tool Hire Industry


Tool hire industry employees are frequently exposed to dust. For returned tools that have been used in various applications, an airline is employed to clean the tools through an air blowing process. This usually takes place in an open area to reduce exposure and to avoid contamination in the workshop but it is still dangerous, especially when the tool is contaminated with silica or asbestos.


To avoid inhalation of these hazardous materials, AirBench recommends the use of AirBench FN with ‘F’ filters in most cases involving low volumes of dust and fumes. For applications with higher volumes of contamination, AirBench RP is recommended.

AirBench Ltd is a certified member and supplier in Hire Association Europe. This means that we supply the most effective extraction systems for tool hire industries.

Composites Industry


There are two categories of dust control in composites industries – the GRP which produces a large volume of dust and the CFRP that produces more precise dust from trimming or finishing. Operations on a downdraught bench can also reduce the need for other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


For CFRP, AirBench recommends the FN type with two stage ‘F’ type filters. This downdraught bench provides high protection against carbon fibre dust, while maintaining low overall filter costs.

For GRP, the FN type with single stage ‘A’ type filters is recommended. The RP type with self-cleaning, anti-static filter is also a must try.

Welding and Grinding Industry


Welding fumes and grinding dust can lead to severe chronic diseases when inhaled. Based on studies, operators in these industries are known to have the highest death rate due to excessive exposure to dust and fumes.


For welding industries, AirBench FPW is the suggested extraction system. It offers a simple, effective solution which is better than an extraction arm. An extraction arm is also an extraction system designed for welding fumes. The arm can only provide extraction over an area the size of a football, while the AirBench can extract an area the size of a coffee table. In a regular welding process, the operator needs to stop, reposition and adjust the extraction system but with AirBench, the operator can focus solely on the welding or grinding operation. The same type of downdraught bench, with proper dust filters, is suitable for grinding industries.

Stone Masonry Industry


It is understood that stone masons are exposed to very high levels of dust. Excessive exposure is the equivalent to a high risk of RCS or Respirable Crystalline Silica. If not given urgent attention, this could potentially lead to pneumoconiosis and silicosis.


The installation of AirBench RP model with self-cleaning filters is ideal for this kind of workplace. It can prevent dust from blowing directly onto the operator during the masonry process.

Rapid Prototyping Industry


Rapid prototyping or the fine finishing of prototypes involves manual sanding using a very fine sand paper. Sanding produces a minimal amount of fine dust. However, it should still be controlled to avoid the risk of breathing problems.


All AirBench models are suitable for the rapid prototyping industry. However, the seated downdraught benches are recommended as they allow operators to work closely with the product.

Aerospace Industry


The aerospace industry requires a huge range of disciplines. It takes a lot of effort and focus – from the gluing of seating gears, to the fettling of wing spurs, to the manufacturing of precision composite parts.


In this industry, dust and fumes are not the whole problem, as chemicals from solvents and harder wearing materials also play a significant factor. To fully protect the operators, AirBench covers a range of 14 standard filter configurations to apply the most appropriate filtration for each application.

AirBench can supply a list of references from our happy customers in all of these 6 industries and others besides.

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