Air Filters: What they are and Why they’re Important

Dust extraction systems are essential; especially in industrial environments or workshops that deal with machined materials.

Dust extractors wouldn’t be complete without an air filter – a device that can sift solid particles that are potentially harmful to human health including dust, powder, pollen, germs, etc. Using chemical and physical processes, a filter can help achieve odour-free and more breathable air.

Why do we need air filters?

According to the National Air Filtration Association or NAFA, air filtration is necessary because:

  • It protects occupied spaces through the removal of airborne dust
  • It helps reduce the presence of dust build-up in different workspaces
  • It eliminates or diminishes the threat of fire hazards (it can help remove lint or other substances that can accumulate in ductwork)
  • It helps extend the shelf lives of perishable dairy products (it can remove airborne moulds during processing operations)
  • It removes airborne bacteria in operating rooms which also prevents postoperative infection
  • It reduces the risk of asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases in the workplace which are often triggered by dust

Your AirBench filter questions answered

Your health is one of our main concerns – and that is why we only use reliable, unique and highly efficient air filters in our dust extraction systems.

How long do our filters last?

The changing of disposable media pads should be done monthly. Other filters can last up to twelve months, while some last less than one month depending on the environment – the lifespan of an air filter will depend on the volume of airborne particles and their types.

What filters do you need?

We recommend a model and a filter set – for most applications, we offer standard models.

How can you maintain them?

Filters should always be cleaned; although fine and carbon filters will need replacing once they are full or damaged.

The most effective way of cleaning a filter is with a vacuum cleaner but our RP units have filters that can be cleaned by reverse pulse air – an external air supply which is used for high volumes of dust.

What is the latest filter upgrade from AirBench?

Here’s our latest filter configuration for OMF coolant mist. It replaces your single-stage pre-filter with a two-stage combination alternative that allows the removal of fine mists before they can even enter the dust extraction system – easy to clean, they are a long-standing solution.

If you want to know more about our filters, you may call us on 01206 791191 or email

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