AirBench Accessories You Might Need

As the UK’s leading specialist for downdraught extraction benches and other air filtration systems, we take great pride in our wide range of dust extractor and fume extractor units and our coolant and swarf extraction systems that are suitable for various industries including aerospace, fabrication, rapid prototyping and machining.

Our noteworthy service is further enhanced by our top quality accessories: easily added to your AirBench units, they are guaranteed to make your work easier than ever before.

Enclosure Options

Please note that most of our AirBenches are not manufactured with enclosures already attached as they are constructed to work effectively without them – they can be retrofitted where required.

1m Enclosure with 2/3 Top


Perfect for cleaning airline parts and other materials, this strong enclosure assures the best containment of dynamic procedures.

For AirBench EX models, this enclosure is manufactured in Plastisol panels.

Please note that this accessory is subject to shipping constraints.

300mm Enclosure


This robust enclosure – like our 1m enclosure with 2/3 top – is used for the control of dynamic methods such as cleaning airplane and other mechanical parts. It is built in 2mm steel and is usually supplied already fully assembled on the bench.

Please take note that this accessory is also subject to shipping constraints.

Again, this enclosure is manufactured in Plastisol panels for AirBench EX models.

Custom Enclosure


AirBench also offers custom enclosures designed and constructed to fit your requirements – available in polycarbonate or Perspex.

An example of a custom enclosure is the inclusion of a ventilated drying rack for 3D-printed parts following infiltration.

Control Options

Speed Control

Control your machine’s fan speed with this convenient accessory that comes with a rotary dial speed control for easy adjustment – this tool is great if you want to regulate extraction rates or noise levels. It is best used for model making, powder dispensing and other similar work environments that require silence.

Speed Control is typically supplied on units fitted with carbon filters to maximise their efficiency, as they work best with low airspeeds.

Timed Run

Our Timed Run accessory replaces standard controls with a push button starter that is linked to a pre-set timer. This allows your AirBench to be switched off after x minutes. With this useful tool, you will be able to save on energy costs!

Timed Intelligent Run

If you want an even more advanced device, our Timed Intelligent Run accessory replaces your standard on/off switch with a push button starter that is linked to an intelligent transmitter within the facility for interlinking to an external input. This is another energy saving add-on that is a must!

This tool’s operation can be constructed to suit all your needs.  Maybe you need to activate your AirBench when an external power tool is switched on as well – it could then be turned off after ten minutes of idleness. Other configurations are possible, depending on your requirements!

Prior to ordering, please contact us to discuss your application.

Pressure Sensitive Floor Switch Activation


This accessory will start your AirBench when the floor mat detects a presence; it is generally used in conjunction with FSFTR or FSFTIR for the purpose of control.

Please contact us prior to ordering to discuss your application.

Hours Run Meter

Want to monitor your machine’s operating hours? This accessory conveniently shows cumulative runtime since the start of operation. It is flush mounted onto your control panel and can be used for filter monitoring.

Racking and Lighting Options


Light and Support Frame

This requires tall posts and comes complete with fluorescent fittings and tubes.

Upper Shelf

We can construct a storage shelf at a high level  – again, this will require tall posts.

Tall/Short Posts

This is designed to support other lighting and racking components.

Rear Louvre Panel

This add-on is intended to hold container bins and comes with a clipboard fitting.

Other Essential Options



AirBench units generally don’t need wheels as they can be moved using pallet trucks. However, if you regularly need to move your unit, consider adding castors – this will allow rapid and easy movement.

This item includes one set of heavy duty castors with two locking castors.

Rubber Matting


Our rubber matting is specifically intended to fit your AirBench units. Designed to facilitate airflow to avoid affecting the extraction process, perforated matting will protect the delicate components of your projects.

Energy Efficient Fans


As part of our effort to help the environment (and to help you save on energy costs), most of our AirBench units can be tailored to include highly efficient and effective Electronically Commutated (EC) Fans – these fans are actually supplied as standard on some of our models. With integrated electronics, this accessory will reduce power consumption at any and all speeds.

Airline Interlock

Still part of our eco-friendly initiative, we can add airline interlocks to your AirBench units. These are four off series 25 airline connectors, mounted on either the front or side of your AirBench. Double-interlinked to the bench’s fan power, your fan will power down after the pre-set time if the airline is not in use.

Conveniently stopping operators from working without extraction, this will also actively save energy by switching off the fan when the bench is not in use.

Backdraught Fitting

Most useful for large sheet sizes, we can add backdraught fittings on your AirBench model to allow airflow, even if the surface is blocked. This is done by adding an air inlet to the rear of the bench.

We value the relationship we have with our clients so much that we make a point of trying to make your working processes as easy and convenient as possible. As much as we want you to enjoy a cleaner and safer workplace with our AirBenches, our accessories are designed to boost the eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of all our models.

Want to learn more about AirBench accessories? Please call 01206 791191 or email and we will be happy to discuss them with you further

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