AirBench FPK: Dust Control Solution in Rapid Prototyping

Prototyping industries face enormous dust control problems as their operations invariably involve manual sanding with a very fine sand paper.

The good news… this problem can now be overcome with the help of the AirBench’s FPK!

AirBench FPK: The Most Reliable Heavy-Duty Downdraught Bench

Unlike other downdraught benches, the AirBench FPK is suitable for most industries but particularly for rapid prototyping:

It Surpasses the Requirements of the Prototyping Industry

Prototyping industries emit low-level dust, which is not only detrimental to the quality of work, it is also harmful to human health. Rapid prototyping requires focus and that’s where the AirBench FPK comes in.

Offering a seated downdraught, the AirBench FPK allows the operator to work closely to the product with a low and controlled airflow – thus minimising any distractions.

It Combats Health Risks for Your Operators

The risks associated with SLA and similar dusts in rapid prototyping are yet to be quantified… which can be really harmful to the health of the operators! With the use of the AirBench FPK, you can minimise human exposure to these hazardous dusts.

It is Comfortable

Long hours of rapid prototyping work need not be an issue, as the AirBench FPK makes the whole process completely comfortable. Featuring a bench with 300mm of knee space, this allows seated working with guaranteed relief and mobility.

It is Powerful and Durable

Made for heavy-duty operations, it comprises three downdraught benches that are fully welded and powder coated. With a 3mm steel surface that is perforated and powder coated, this is then finished with strong screw clamped filters.

It is Amazingly Adaptable

Rapid prototyping involves intricate work. The AirBench FPK is designed to adapt to various surfaces – it is even suitable for other applications because customisation and additional fittings can be completed.

First-Class Technical Specifications

With a quality assurance, the AirBench FPK is made with the best materials and built to the highest standards to include the following features:

  • On/Off switch or optional speed control wired to standard 13a plug for rapid installation
  • Filters selected to suit applications from the full AirBench range
  • Filter removal can be completed quickly and simply by removing the top surface
  • Easy filter monitoring by a differential pressure gauge
  • High powered centrifugal fan (2 fans in larger units)

Protect your workforce with the most reliable dust hazard solution! By adding the Airbench FPK to your production line, you can assuredly produce better quality workpieces… but perhaps more importantly, you can drastically improve the working conditions for your rapid prototyping team.

AirBench will be happy to specify, supply and install your FPK heavy-duty downdraught benches – including the wiring to your machine tool for ease of operation. For more information about our dust extraction systems, please call 01206 791191.

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