AirBench releases BD Blowdown Station

AirBench Ltd are pleased to announce the release of our new blowdown station, the AirBench BD.

BD is designed as a self-contained cleaning station for the removal of swarf and coolant from machined parts. Parts are placed in the cleaning area, and blown down manually using an integral blowgun. Swarf and coolant are drawn into a bin in the base of the unit; a throwaway filter pad is used to remove the majority of contaminants before returning air to the room.

The blowgun is operated via an integral foot pedal, which also activates the downwards suction.

A polycarbonate screen is also provided for operator protection.

No power supply is required – AirBench BD is operated solely from compressed air.

BD is ideal for location next to your machine tools, allowing operators to quickly and safely clean parts outside the machine enclosure.

AirBench BD is another new addition to our leading range of downdraught benches. Contact us for demonstrations or pre-sale technical support.

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AirBench Ltd are the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches and cross draught extraction systems. We have more than 10,000 extraction systems in service in the UK and overseas. Along with our range of coolant mist filters and air cleaning systems, we are actively helping businesses across many industries solve their workplace dust and fume issues.


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