Airbench’s Five Types of Extraction System

Proper dust extraction systems can minimise airborne diseases, while maximising employee production without endangering their health.

Airbench offers a wide variety of systems that are suitable for various industrial needs:

1.   Dust Extraction System

According to the Glossary of Atmospheric Chemistry Terms, dust is small and dry solid particles that are projected into the air by natural forces such as the wind and volcanic eruptions and by man-made processes such as grinding and crushing. Minute in size, dust is extremely hard to control manually.

Dust extraction systems are designed for the elimination of dust in different industrial applications. These systems filter the air before pollutants can affect the workplace. Dust extraction systems promote clean working environments, significantly reducing the risk of lung diseases and other illnesses caused by dust and other contaminants. They also improve employee productivity and reduce electricity consumption.

Airbench offers downdraught benches and cross-draught systems specially designed for various tasks in different industries. With different filtration options appropriate for specific applications, these include filters for general dusts, fine dusts and very fine dusts.

Ideal For: Fabrication, Stone Masonry, Rapid Prototyping, Composites, Aerospace and Tool Hire

2.   Fume Extraction System

Fumes are clouds of fine particles suspended in gas; they are present in working environments where solvents and odours are produced. Most fumes are undetectable as they are small in size and odourless, which is why it is important to extract them to keep workers protected.

Fume extraction systems can protect personnel from cancer, metal fume fever and other diseases; they can also help to reduce the risk of fire or explosions.

Airbench provides extraction solutions for the following:

  • Low Volume Flumes
  • High Volume Flumes
  • Special Duty Flumes
  • Smoke and Fumes

Ideal For: Fabrication, Composites and Aerospace 

3.   Welding and Grinding Extraction System

Welding and grinding operators have to deal with fumes, gases and sparks on a regular basis. Welding fumes have harmful metal oxide compounds from base metal, base metal coatings and consumables. High amounts of grinding dust particles may result in explosions or fire.

It is important to install welding and grinding extraction systems to prevent exposure to harmful fumes and dust that can cause pneumoconiosis, cancer, chronic poisoning and other respiratory diseases.

Airbench offers downdraught benches and cross-draught systems that are perfect for welding and grinding – units are also available for sanding and fettling extractions.

Ideal For: Fabrication

4. Coolant Mist Extraction System

The machining industry uses cutting fluids such as coolant and oil for metalworking. However, coolant mist, oil smoke and oil mist pose serious health threats as they can be carcinogenic.

Coolant mist extraction systems capture mist before it can spread throughout the workplace. They can protect employees from skin disorders, respiratory diseases and cancer.

Airbench’s OMF range of coolant mist filters can help towards preventing various coolant mist issues. We also have blowdown benches for the easy removal of coolant and swarf.

Ideal For: Machining and Aerospace

5. Air Cleaning Systems

There are times when additional dusts and other contaminants escape extraction systems. Secondary solutions are recommended to provide additional clean-up benefits and to return clean air into your facility.

Airbench’s MF600 is ideal for room clean-up purposes. It can be suspended from ceiling cables or placed on shelves to improve air sanitation.

Ideal For: Fabrication, Stone Masonry, Rapid Prototyping, Composites, Aerospace and Tool Hire

With these extraction systems, you are assured of a cleaner and safer working environment that is free from dust, fumes and mist. Airbench is the UK’s leading manufacturer of downdraught benches for self-contained dust and fume extraction – all your contaminant problems can be solved in just five minutes. We offer onsite demonstrations across the UK. Contact us on 01206 791191 or for more details.

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