Burger Bun manufacturer solves dust issue using VertEx.

AirBench Ltd have completed another successful installation of their VertEx Cross-Draught extraction system at Guenther Bakeries Trousdale Ltd.

Guenther manufacture 7.5 million burger buns every week to leading fast food companies. Weighing additive ingredients for this many buns produces large volumes of airborne dust, and Guenther were looking for a system to solve this problem without the potential expense associated with downflow booths and similar systems.

VertEx from AirBench Ltd was identified as a quick and simple solution without the troubles of installation, ducting, or new power supplies.

VertEx provides a horizontal airflow across a large face area, allowing operators to weigh dry ingredients without enclosing the process; fugitive dust is drawn back into the internal filters within the VertEx and clean air is returned to the room.

Guenther report great operator satisfaction with the product and are examining the possibilities for additional units within the factory.

Visit airbench.com/buns for more information.

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