Workplace dust and machinery

How Dust Extraction Improves Productivity

Dust extraction systems in the workplace provide the obvious benefit of enhancing the health and safety of employees, but they also offer other advantages too. Dust extraction improves productivity by protecting both the workforce and equipment in the manufacturing sector.

Being exposed to dust and fumes can lead to life changing health problems for employees. Removing harmful dust and other airborne contaminants is a vital part of creating a safe working environment.

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Dust exposure can also reduce productivity, damage machinery and impair the quality of the end products. Many companies in the manufacturing industry have installed a dust extraction system as a means of rectifying these problems.

Regulations such as the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) outline employers’ responsibilities to provide a safe working environment. The plastics, welding and woodworking industries can carry the highest risks.

Read on to find out more about how dust extraction improves productivity in the workplace.


Improve equipment reliability

Contaminated air which contains dust particles can impact the reliability of your machinery. A build-up of dust can damage parts of the equipment, slowing down the processes and increasing the need for maintenance.

Dust can get into even the smallest holes and obstruct a machine’s components over time. When debris accumulates, it can block the equipment’s vent holes, causing them to overheat and potentially render them unusable.


Improve machinery longevity

Controlling dust in the workplace improves the longevity of machinery. A clean environment can increase the lifespan of industrial machinery by around 33%, according to a report published by Gineers Now.

The average lifespan of industrial equipment is about 15 years, but when it’s looked after properly, this can extend to 20 or more years.


Minimise maintenance and downtime

Dust in the workplace can cause industrial machinery to require more frequent maintenance, causing downtime. The last thing any company wants is to be out of action for long periods, as this reduces productivity and consequently profitability.

One hour of machine downtime costs a company £200,000 on average, according to a report published by Aberdeen Strategy Research. This includes the lost time and dip in employee productivity.


Create a safer environment

The hazardous dust associated with the handling and movement of certain materials including sugar, wood and coal can be particularly dangerous. Airborne dust particles from numerous products are highly flammable, as well as a health risk.

In many cases, this can even cause a fire or an explosion, meaning production must close down for a long period – or maybe even permanently. Explosions caused by excessive dust accumulation or airborne dust have been responsible for hundreds of casualties and damage to buildings in the industrial sector.

Since combustible dust incident reporting was launched in 2016, there have been 961 fires and 357 explosions worldwide as a result of dust explosions. Tragically, these accidents have caused 126 fatalities and 720 injuries, according to a report in Biomass Magazine.

Almost half of all the incidents happened in the food processing sector, while 25% occurred in industries involving wood working.


Dust extractor system benefits

Dust extraction systems will control dust caused by a wide range of applications to create a safer and more productive workplace. An effective dust collection system for your workspace will work effectively and smoothly without operator intervention.

AirBench offers a wide range of filtration options and system designs to suit most applications and processes. We can usually offer a standard dust extraction system for any manual process.

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